Design Lab

The Design Laboratory is a complete creative space where students are taught from basic lines to sketching beautiful designs for garments and accessories. The lab is provided with inclined tables with customized shelves to keep their drawing materials. The students are encouraged to develop their unique ideas and motivated regularly to exhibit their creative works on the display boards.

Innovative display stands are provided for the students to display the garments created by them through recyclable materials. The lab is provided with a projector to help students understand the concepts through ppt presentations.

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1 Drawing Tables
2 Projector
3 System
4 Display Boards
5 Display Stand
b sc fashion design course

Sewing Lab

The Sewing laboratory is another modern space where the students convert / develop their designs into garments. Procedures like pattern drafting, garment construction, draping are all done in the sewing lab. The designs are first drafted into patterns, using the pattern drafting tools on the tables provided, according to the size. The patterns are then transferred onto the fabric and finally garments are produced with the help of sewing machines.

The students are also provided with trail room with a mirror to check their outfits after it is sewn. There is also display area where the students can showcase their outfits on the mannequins. The dress forms are used for draping the fabrics to create the trial designs by the students. The projector greatly helps in giving presentations to the students based on the topics covered in the ensuing syllabus. The other facilities like steam iron box, ironing board, over lock machines, Pico machines etc are also provided in the lab for the students.

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1 Juki Industrial Sewing Machine
2 Jack 5 Thread Overlock Machine
3 Usha 3 Thread Overlock Machine
4 Normal Sewing Machine
5 Pico Machine
6 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
7 Philips Steam Iron
8 Philips Iron Box
9 Ironing Board
10 Pattern Drafting Tables
11 Pattern Drafting Tools
12 Window Display Area
13 Male Mannequin
14 Female Mannequin
15 Kids Mannequin
16 Female Dress Forms
17 Projector
18 Trail Room with Mirror
19 Display Boards

Other Facilities

The students are provided with spacious classrooms with separate benches for each student. The department has access to various facilities like conference hall where many symposiums and conferences at the national and international level are conducted and smart rooms which are used for conducting seminars and guest lectures.

A sprawling central library is available for the students to refer a wide variety of books related to their subjects. The other facilities like transport, canteen, and separate hostels for boys & girls are also available.

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1 Conference Hall
2 Smart Room
3 Language Lab
4 Central Library
5 Canteen